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Buzz Networking Events!

Buzz Networking Events!

In an effort to get all around the county and celebrate the artists that live and work in all corners of our fine landscape we are sponsoring 5 networking events, each quite different in form and fashion. Our current schedule has events planned in Ashfield, Royalston, Deerfield, Greenfield and Turners Falls.

Each event is open to all artists in Franklin County and we hope that you will take advantage of the range of locations and content to network with other artists from around the county. As most events involve some sort of refreshment it will be helpful if we can get a reasonable accurate count of how many people will be attending.

Please read the details of each event before deciding if you can/want to attend. We hope to be able to help with coordinating transportation when there are people offering to share a ride.

We want you to know one another as we believe it is truly valuable to collaborate as much as we can to share the talent of our area. The staff of Fostering Art and Culture is committed to making ART WORK in Franklin County.



August 8th – Buzz #1: Double Edge Theater’s ART & PLACE Conversations
Rural Voices-A Local, National, and International Conversation
Sunday, August 8, 11am-3pm
Double Edge Theatre, Ashfield

If metro-centric points of view are dominant in the arts, yet eighty percent of our country’s land is rural and one fifth of our people, aren’t rural communities really worthy of focus? Is there a different rural art or a different quality of place? How does art impact a rural community, culturally and economically? As in the initial ‘Art and Place’ Conversation, this August 8th Conversation will be open to the public.

Moderated by Caron Atlas with: Edyael Casaperalta, Rural Strategies; Amy Trompetter, puppeteer/director; Katharine Pearson Criss, Rural Strategies; Elizabeth Barrett, AppalShop; Rus Peotter, President of CISA/WGBY

The Fostering Art and Culture Project will cover the luncheon costs for the first 25 registered FACP artists who would like to attend this thought provoking event. Please RSVP to Becky at artandculture@gcc.mass.edu by Wednesday, August 4th to allow time for food preparation.

If you are unable to make it, the Conversations will be streamed online. More info on Art & Place here.


Double Edge Theatre has been profoundly affected by its 1994 move from Boston to the small town of Ashfield in Western MA. The move had its origins in economic survival and artistic freedom. Double Edge needed a financially feasible rehearsal space as a base from which to tour, and a place where the ensemble artists and international guests could live, work and sustain themselves. Today Double Edge is intricately tied to the community of Ashfield, the Berkshire Hilltowns and the Five College area. The theatre’s site includes two performance venues, hosting year-round cultural activities at its home and on tour. This is not a one-way relationship: the theatre’s cultural impact on its surroundings is evident in those visitors who would never otherwise have seen theatre, yet now consider it part of the fabric of their lives; in the students and teachers trained by the ensemble in the local public and private school systems; and in economic revenues of a million dollars a year in surrounding towns.

During the last two years, Conversations has developed as a series of two-hour live and web-streamed public cultural events. In March 2010, the first ‘Art and Place’ Conversation was held. The framework was to have local artists examine the role of ‘place’ in their creative process, and in turn question the effect of their art on the community. The Conversation was intimate and challenging, touching upon the nature of involvement between artist and community, and exploring the essence of what defines a community. The audience participated with fervor, raising questions of the artist’s role and responsibility for diversity and economic growth, as the foundation of trust-building between artist and audience.

It is Double Edge’s position that art in our society must reach beyond isolated accomplishment and establish a dialogue that is of and with the community.  Double Edge has named this phenomenon ‘living culture’ – culture that grows and develops in a genuine and multi-faceted relationship with its surrounding society. To this end, the ‘Art and Place’ Conversation was re-envisioned as a two-day gathering to explore fundamental questions – questions shared by everyone concerned with the arts and culture – on a local, national, international, and rural level.

Helena Norberg Hodges, a leading critic of conventional notions of growth and development, wrote in her brilliant essay, ‘Thinking Outside the Box,’ that the only sustainable response to the failure of corporate ‘monoculture’ is the creation of localized and therefore self-reliant economic communities.  As systemic corporate destruction prevails, it is the responsibility of the artist to manifest a vision of ‘local’ and understand how that vision may be applied to the global. When we insist on breaking through the homogeneity of global fashions and trends, we can begin to identify the unique dimensions of art that can be made within our own self-defined community.



Buzz #2: Marketing!
Thursday September 9, 6-9 pm
PVMA’s Memorial Hall

For much of 2the last year conversations were being had in groups all over Franklin County about the state of our art. Formally Christina Pappas of Open the Door, Inc. invited people to attend these conversations and this event is intended to present the results of those discussions.

We will begin the event promptly at 6pm with a piece of art, performed by Jennifer Ladd, the Director of Commonwealth Center for Change,  and a long-time coach on class and philanthropic matters as well as an actor and creator of  money-related performance pieces. What are the voices of marketing art? We usually are composed of a bevy of often contradictory feelings and opinions as we do our best to get our art out there to the public. Jennifer Ladd will embody some of those voices and reflect back a few of the issues that artists of all kinds grapple with in this society and economy.

This piece will be followed by dinner catered by Hillside Pizza and then the presentation from Christina Pappas, with Leo Hwang-Carlos and Becky George. There will be time for questions after the presentation.
This event is free of charge for Franklin County artists, Reservations are required by September 1: artandculture@gcc.mass.edu or 413-441-6164

Buzz #3: BBQ & Hike in North Quabbin
Sunday September 12, 11:30 am – 4 pm

Orange, Ma. Tully Mountain and Tully Lake

The Tully Mt. hike celebrating the bicentennial of Orange will take place Sunday, Sept. 12, beginning at 11:30 a.m.  We will meet at the trailhead which is located at the end of Mountain Road in the Tully section of Orange. The hike will be led by NQW region author Allen Young and the public is invited to the hike.

The FACP will provide a simple lunch for eating at the top of the mountain and has reserved the pavillion at Tully Lake for after the hike if anyone wants to swim and relax.


Details :
The trailhead is located at the end of Mountain Road in the Tully section of Orange. Tully Mt. summit is 1,100 feet above sea level, and the hike involves about 500 feet elevation gain, so it is somewhat steep. We will descend on a less steep trail. This is considered a moderate hike, about 40 minutes to the summit. We’ll spend about 30-40 minutes on the summit, and then come down, about 40 minutes down. Allen Young, author of North of Quabbin Revisited and other books of local interest, will talk briefly about the mountain and the environs before the ascent and at the summit. Participants should wear sturdy shoes and bring water.

There is ample parking at the small lot at the end of Mountain Road and along the road. This is state property — Tully Mountain Wildlife Management Area. The view from the summit includes Mt. Monadnock and is very enjoyable, and there’s a rocky outcropping where people can sit comfortably.

When we return FACP artists are invited to carpool or drive their own vehicles to the BBQ with FACP at the Tully Lake Pavillion. If you can only attend the BBQ, please try to arrive by 2:00pm. This event is free of charge. Reservations are required for the BBQ by Sept 1 to artandculture@gcc.mass.edu or 413-441-6164 so that we can plan our menu accordingly.



Buzz #4: Brick + Mortar Preview

October 9th brunch. Details TBA.

FACP artists are invited to a special preview of the Brick & Mortar International Video Art Festival . This event will allow the participants to view the installations in advance of the public event and gather after for discussion and refreshments. Location to meet TBA.

Buzz #5: Confluence
Friday, October 29
Gallery at Hallmark

This Buzz will be an extravaganza! On  beginning at the Hallmark Gallery in Turners Falls, the artists will be treated to a viewing of Confluence, the juried art show which will have been hung for a month, then an art pep talk from Tony Maroulis (former Wunderarts Gallery owner in Amherst and current Amherst Chamber of Commerce Executive Director) and then a spectacular water dance show. Time TBA.



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