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Post Summit News!

Post Summit News!

Dear Art Summit Participant:
Thank you for attending this Arts Summit 2. We are asking you to take a few minutes to complete this survey so that we can better understand the impact of your experience and capture information that will help the project move ahead toward the goals of the Manifesto. The results of this Summit evaluation and photos will be posted to the Fostering Art and Culture Facebook page. Thank you for completing this survey.


We are thoughtfully planning next steps. Please be in touch!

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Message from the host:

The Fostering Art and Culture Project and its partners were so pleased to present The Creative Economy Summit 2 for artists and friends in Franklin County. At the first summit in 2006 a manifesto was born.  The Creative Economy Summit 2 brought 160 artists of all genres together to celebrate what makes this region unique and inspiring, gain insight into our collective needs and visions, get practical skills, find new professional partners and know that they (you) are part of a vibrant, inspiring, creative community.

This summit was supported by the Fostering Art and Culture Project through funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Thrives Media, Artists in Context and your registration fees.

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