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Cecilia Tusinski

Posted in on 2-6-18

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Shelburne Falls

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I work in oil on canvas; layering fragments of handwritten text, newsprint, old maps, reeds and grasses to create enigmatic spaces and textured surfaces which, while abstract in form, retain certain elements of landscape and the world around us.
Tornados, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters both horrify and fascinate; a portion of my body of work reflects my response to such events. The same holds true of my response
to the devastation of war and environmental degradation:
a visceral reaction rather than a literal interpretation.
On a more contemplative note, my recent work acknowledges the passage of time and the traces of our existence which we leave behind; these works include scraps of hand-written letters and other fragments of text, mostly obscured but allowing glimpses of words and phrases floating, like memories, just beneath the surface.

My studio & gallery is located at 32, Bridge Street, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts U.S.A. 01370

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