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Cheryl Rezendes


278 Main Street, Suite 307










413 774-2125

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Although visually inspired by nature and the human figure, my own raw emotion is at the heart of all my work. Whether I am awed by the unmatched beauty of an African Sunset, the sensuality of a reclining nude or saddened by the plight of a grieving child lost in poverty, it is my intention that the making and subsequent viewing of my artwork will somehow heal the heart, and motivate compassion and creativity in all who share it with me. I want my work to visually bridge the gap between what is real and what is desired.
The simple processes of composing an image, of laying paint on canvas, of cutting and gluing and of shaping and fitting pieces of color and elements of images together help to make me feel connected to something bigger then myself. Every oil painting, watercolor and drawing I create is part of this process, whether it can stand alone, or is incorporated into another piece at another time. When a completed collage or painting touches an emotional core in someone else, I am confident that I have been truly successful.
I have a great love for craftsmanship and fine tools. All the mediums I use, watercolors, pastels, color pencils, acrylics, oil paints and most recently fiber are exciting to me for their own individual characteristics. My personality, my thoughts and emotions, along with the varied complexities of life are represented in my art. The tools I work with, including my eyes and hands, are the vehicles I use to travel the road of creativity.
Making art is a life focus. And being an artist is a way of life.

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