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With the fall release of her debut album, Cozy Razor's Edge, Heather has already proven herself as a skilled songstress and singer, and a powerhouse performer. Her full range voice delivers raw passion from the heart and soul, and her thoughtful lyrics relate personal, universal lessons which are reinforced by beautiful and contagious melodies. Her songs are like those classic stories that you can read repeatedly and come away with something new every time. Heather began her career writing songs and performing as a jazz singer with Grammy nominee Hui Cox in Manhattan. She let go of music for a couple of years to focus on meditation, living at a meditation retreat center. Cozy Razor's Edge is a compellingly diverse collection of songs; each one alive, inspired and individual. From the playful joy in the title track, to the poetic desperation of "Keep Knocking", this album will take you on a journey through the depths of the human experience. She describes this record as her "heartfelt effort to integrate music and awareness, creativity and presence; the intention to dance along the line between sound and silence."

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