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Rochleigh Z. Wholfe




413 863-5031

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I am both a visual and performance artist. My artwork is a catalyst for personal, social and spiritual transformation. The intent is to invoke critical thinking regarding the subject matter. The creative expressions are birthed from deep-rooted social,cultural,spiritual and personal experiences. Each artistic venture teaches me lessons in respect,love,integrity,courage and holding power for myself and for silent voices. Every new work is a sacred magical seed,a meditation that sprouts in the minds of those receptive to its message. I see myself as a type of Griot, telling stories of the challenges and triumphs of the human spirit, especially the spirit of women. When I work with paints, colored pencils,textiles,gourds, found objects, scripts and clay.I am transported to a realm where I create from soul knowledge and heart wisdom. My spirit guidesme to create that which I need to birth for myself and for others.My motto is, I offer my gifts and the talents of my hands on the altar of human service.

Info about me
Moved to this are last year from East Hampton, Ct. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and have lived in most of the major art cities in the United States. Love this area and the possibilities the area offers to artists. There is a peace here that allows you to be yourself while creating your art. Last year I took a 9 week clayworkshop at Weseylan University Potters in Middletown, Ct and absolutely fell in love with clay. The feeling of clay on my hands takes me back to my childhood when I played in the dirt building mud sculptures. There is something very healing and freeing about this process.

I am forming a chapter of Women's Caucus For Art: Pioneer River Valley. There are many dynamic and talented women artists in this area. The organization will offer women support,exposure, local, regional, national and international exhibit opportunities. Participation in this 37yr. old professional arts organization will give women access to conferences, lectures, workshops etc. that will help them to advance their art careers.Women's Caucus for Art has many national and internationally recognized artists members and they often jury shows and present workshops for the chapters. We have already been invited to exhibit in India in 2010. Anyone interested in joining please contact me at 413 863-5031 or wcaprv@gmail.com You can purchase some of my work at 2nd Street Bakery in Turners Fall,MA Ancient Footpaths Gallery in Bernardston, MA and Happy Valley Fine Arts and Gifts in Northhampton, MA. I will also be presenting my work at The Gallery at Hallmark upcoming, Art+ Space Exhibit, February 2010. My website is www.wholfe.myexpose.com.

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